The primary reason members participate in Business Leads Group is get more leads. Leads can turn into clients. Clients turn into business. And, the best philosophy in getting more leads is to giving good leads…. The Law of Giving and Receiving.
Lead Slip Guidelines:

  1. To be considered a valid Lead Slip, you must have a person’s name in the “Please Contact” space.
  2. A Lead Slip passed is counted once. Repetitive business from the person you referred is not a new lead.

Ask the following questions before giving a Lead Slip to another member:

  1. Is the lead a person … not a thing?
  2. Is the lead a potential client (a.k.a.: a potential relationship that can be established)?
  3. Does the lead need precisely the products/services that the member provides?
  4. Am I giving the lead with confidence?
  5. Am I giving the lead just to win the award?

Special Note: A client is a person who buys products/services from a business (member)… whether one-time or continually. Once a member establishes that lead as a client, it is up to the receiving member to solicit more business from this new client… not the member referring the lead. Overall, the group’s theme is “people connecting people”.