Seasonal insect information

Common Spiders and scorpions in the valley....

There are many spiders in SW but 2 spiders of most concern are: Black widow and Brown Recluse.blkspider

Black Widow: Black in color with red hour glass shaped mark in under belly. Capable of spinning very strong, sticky, webs to catch its prey. They are venomous and capable of doing great harm, depending on the person's level of allergic reaction to the venom.

Brown Recluse:Light brown in color with marking on the top of head resembling a fiddle. Hence the nickname fiddle head spider. Its venom is quite destructive. It deteriorates the human tissue and will progress until the infected tissue is removed. Levels of reaction to the venom vary on the level of allergic reaction.

2010-05-09_18_40_26There is the wind scorpian also known as the Sun Spider. They are a scavenger. They feed on mostly soft body insects such as other spiders and crickets.

Bark scorpionsare most commonly found in SW desert. They are light brown to tan in color 21/2 "in length. They are poisonous the effects of venom differs depending on their levels of allergy that the venom comes across. Mainly fees on crickets and spiders due to their soft exoskeleton. They are nocturnal (meaning they only come out at night) In order to detect them we treat them at night with a black light.

There are 2 major scorpians found in the Las Vegas and Henderson valley which are: Desert Scorpian and the Bark Scoprian. 

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