These get-togethers range from informal meetings to formal programs with prescribed reading or coursework. The groups offering them may be for-profit, not-for-profit, or state-sponsored. Defined by profession, income level, geography, demographic, or some combination of these factors, they seek to make job hunters comfortable with networking. Networking organizations may offer other assistance as well and charge higher membership fees to provide it. However, the group-networking events tend to be affordable - in the $30 to $45 range - and their organizers stress that everyone participates.

Be prepared to be sized up when you step into the networking scene. Here's a quick list to help you stand up to the scrutiny:

1. Dress appropriate to the venue. If the event is at a person's home, a three-piece suit is probably not required.

2. Practice your handshake. Firm-not abusive.

3. Pop a breath mint-or two.

4. Do not be overbearing. As strange as it seems, some people attend these events to unwind. The strong sell won't work.

5.Take plenty of business cards.

However, do not overdo networking at these events. You have many other important activities to spend your valuable time doing in your twenty-four-hour day to build your business. So, strike a good, happy balance.

Have you ever tried any of these activities out? Have you read Part one of this article or any of the other articles in my series on Networking? If not, I suggest you do so now. If your professional or personal life and career relationships are starting to drag, a little spiffing up of your contacts is in order.

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