Let us look at what could be considered relevant networking places and events. These are some examples of places and events where you can network with relevant people:

1. Job networking meetings or gatherings
2. Career or job classes, courses, and seminars
3. Technical conventions
4. Trade shows
5. Professional organizational meetings
6. Job or career shows and fairs
7. Career or job centers
8. Company open houses with potential work for you
9. Small Business Administration (SBA) events
10. Better Business Bureau networking events

Attend strategically selected professional networking groups and professional society chapter meetings. These groups and meetings provide a wealth of resources and often lead to credible contacts and leads for business and job opportunities. Participating in these networking groups raises your awareness on industry issues and job-search challenges. Because you are involved with peers with similar career and business directions, they may offer volunteer opportunities specifically related to your goals.

We keep hearing that the best way to find an executive job is through networking. However, not everyone knows how to network effectively or has good contacts to mine. This may explain the allure of structured networking groups-organizations that schedule meetings and other opportunities for members to connect and share job leads with the help of facilitators.

Some of the national and regional organizations offering structured networking events are as follows:

1. ExecuNet
2. The Five O'Clock Club
3. The Financial Executives Networking Group
4. Technology Executives Networking Group
5. Forty Plus
6. BNI International

Checking out just a few of these places will garner you enough contacts to last you a great while. Then again, when those dry up, try some more.

David Hale, Ph.D., PCC, a Corporate Performance Consultant, University Professor and Professional Certified Coach, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and seminar leader. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the DHI-Communication. For more than 20 years, Dr. Hale has trained professional coaches, ministers, clinicians, executives, teachers, government agents and private individuals using the coaching methods and skills that he has designed.

David is the author of The High Performance Entrepreneur: 12 Essential Strategies to Supercharge Your Startup Business published by iUniverse in 2008. His newest book, Straight Talk From Corporate America's 10 Most Requested Speakers and Trainers, is written with the intent to make his personal and business success skills and principles widely available. David's work and books have been featured on national television, radio, and print media.

Dave has twenty-three years' experience in design and delivery of training programs for public, private, government and non-profit centers. He also has twenty years' experience in coaching and training individuals and groups in state and federal agencies, and profit and non-profit corporate settings as well as coaching and counseling individuals on a private, fee-for-service, basis. After twenty years of developing and leading coach training programs David founded DHI-Communication, an international coaching and training consultancy, specializing in communication principles. Dave is widely regarded as one of the top business coaches for Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs. He can be contacted at http://www.HiPerEntrepreneur.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.