Regularly networking and meeting new people has its advantages when carried out with a goal and foresight. With your business intentions well in mind, your networking objectives will determine the depths of your commercial relationships. As you run the course of your expedition, a status check can determine which affiliations should be improved, maintained, or sometimes, eliminated. This can be accomplished with a routine inspection of everyone in your network. It is feasible to induce desired results as well as discover new possibilities by placing your colleagues in three categories; Contacts, Connections, and Allies.

Contacts, in the most elementary form, are individuals whom you've met and established familiarity. There is no strong bond but there is potential for growth. Aside from clients, contacts usually make up the majority of anyone's business network. You may communicate by phone or email every so often but must make an evaluation every 1-3 months regarding the possibilities of these relationships. In making these assessments, take stock of the progressions and developments of your associations. Does continuance of communication seem unfavorable or even detrimental to your wanted outcome? Or are the possibilities becoming probabilities as the relationships strengthen? In the first example, it may be time to withdraw correspondence. However, if solid bonds are forming, it's a signal to move them into the next category.

Connections compliment your career destinations. You speak a bit more than on occasion and have developed friendly yet productive accords. A referral or two may have been exchanged and you might have mutual contacts. Periodic meetings with connections are not uncommon and you may very well have transacted direct business with each other. Connections are like doors, or as the word implies, connect you to potentialities. The perspective is not always mutual, meaning that YOU may be a connection for someone else but not visa versa. To the contrary and over a period of time, if these unions deliver profitable results reciprocally, consider entries into the final category.

True business allies are the zenith of all your networking efforts. Allies personify fully rounded professional relationships. Throughout a reasonable span of time, you have communicated often, met on a regular basis, exchanged referrals, shared advice, assisted one another, and even made the rounds socially. Even though the combined activities have proven to be profitable and of a business nature, you can also consider yourselves friends. On your road to success, how many contacts will you convert to allies?

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